Internal Designing

Our experience at your side

Thanks to its qualified and expert team, Cabagaglio Packaging is able to continually and quickly develop alternative or innovative solutions, based on precise input from customers and their needs.

cabagaglio packaging progettazione

This activity features development of ad hoc designs, solutions capable of combining function and aesthetics of the packaging.

To meet the goal of a perfect closure we often work on the customer’s reference sample and make small adjustments and customisations for an exact match.

The company’s policy follows the development of a new project in each step; we think the best service possible is built on the customer’s real needs so we offer a complete consultation; from designing to modelling of the end product, the customer is looked after with attention, care and collaboration.

We focus on quality and service including specialised and niche.

We offer a full-fledged personalised service!


A touch of class

Aluminium and Tinplate

Present in numerous minerals and in nature always in combination with other elements, aluminium is the  third most abundant element in the earth’s crust (8.3%), after oxygen (45.5%) and silicon (25.7%). It is a lightweight but resistant metal, possesses a high degree of malleability and is a non-toxic element.

The tactile characteristics of our products in aluminium contribute to the perceived sensation of quality and confer value to the product from the end users’ viewpoint.
With its shininess and finishing, it gives any object a touch of class and is perfect for being worked with a wide range of marking techniques.

Cabagaglio Packaging offers its customers a multitude of finishings and colours to choose from, all unique!

Tinplate with its consistency and sparkle, is easy to lacquer, lithograph or engrave and is widely used to produce metallic containers such as beverage cans, paint cans, jars and many others.

The raw materials used by Cabagaglio Packaging are ultra top quality, guaranteed and certified according to various requirements and international standards.

Total Recyclability

Aluminium and Tinplate

Metal is a resource that is always available, it is 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over without losing any of its physical properties or molecular characteristic.

It does not have an expiration date, is UV-stable and does not get old, it is resistant to high temperatures and is not flammable.

Over its entire life cycle, from mining of the raw material to production, to use and recycling, the advantages of metal are unparalleled compared to any other material and represent the essence of sustainability.