Tizzoni e Airoldi Srl was founded in Lecco in 1946. This manufacturer’s name comes from the surnames of the two founders, Bruno Tizzoni and Antonio Airoldi.

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The business was initially geared towards the production of parts for shoes (toe cap, heel plate, lace eyelets), then, the progressive dissemination of metallic packaging, made it possible for Tizzoni and Airoldi to enter this sector.

The market grew during the 70s and the company expanded its product portfolio, activating different lines to manufacture domes and bottoms for aerosol; these were the years that several joint undertakings were started with the largest multinationals of the sector.

A new company was founded in 1988 taking its name from the street where it is located, Cabagaglio Srl, it later gave life to Cabagaglio Spa and Cabagaglio Packaging Srl.

Cabagaglio Packaging Srl specialises in designing and manufacturing threaded caps, closures and packaging in aluminium and tinplate for packaging for food and industrial products and for cosmetics.

Two of the company’s main strong points: its high ability to customise products and flexibility in managing orders.

Turnover grew over the years and in 2016 the company moved its registered office and production department to the industrial area of Sirone (Lc); more expansion, increase in the number of employees, streamlined logistics, are the bases for further growth where the challenges mainly regard ecology, sustainability and total recycling of products put on the market.

In this type of context, with increasingly demanding global challenges, the key word is none other than “innovation”.

  • 1946

    Tizzoni and Airoldi SRL was founded in Lecco

  • 1988

    Cabagaglio Srl was founded


  • 1996

    Cabagaglio Spa and Cabagaglio Packaging Srl were founded

  • 2016

    New production site in Sirone (LC)