Employees receive 800€ welfare bonus to fight price increases

API Lecco Press Release

Cabagaglio, Sirone: employees receive 800€ welfare bonus to fight price increases

Lecco, 4th August 2022 – The period of extreme difficulty for families and companies continues with disproportionate price increases concerning all primary necessities, and an even more difficult autumn is expected. In order to try and meet their employees needs, many companies associated with Api Lecco Sondrio have been adopting plans aimed at supporting daily services and consumptions.

The last in chronological order is Cabagaglio from Sirone (Lecco), who decided to provide a one-off 800€ bonus to its 89 collaborators, who shall use the online platform “Tre Cuori” to get services related to health, shopping vouchers, fuel vouchers, transport, education, sport, health care, travel, culture, family care and supplementary care.

“We made this decision to help our employees in this very difficult historical period from an economic point of view – say the owners of Cabagaglio Lorenzo, Felice, Renato Tizzoni and Alessandro Galbusera -. This is certainly not something decisive, but it is still a concrete help as we wait for the government to implement significative initiatives, which we hope will come soon, such as the cut of the tax wedge, that would be a great help to all workers. We chose the online platform Tre Cuori as it is quite lowered on the territorial reality through its excellent services. We also dedicate a day to in-house training to understand how to make the most of this service’s potential, which can be very useful not only for the worker, but also for its family members”.

Cabagaglio company, founded in Lecco in 1947 and now based in Sirone, employs 89 people and it is composed of two realities: Cabagaglio SpA, which produces tops and bottoms for aerosol cans, and Cabagaglio Packaging, that manufactures packaging for several market segments: cosmetics, food, nutraceutical.

In these past three years, over seventy companies associated with Api Lecco Sondrio have benefited from the welfare service of Tre Cuori, a benefit company based in Conegliano (TV), which has designed a new kind of welfare aimed at fostering local businesses. A service that, during these years, has increased exponentially and which is destined to keep growing in the next few years.